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Wingnut Bookshelf

I found this really great shelf and it was a really interesting idea and seemed to have a design quality to it that resonated with the attention to detail that tiny houses do.  Here is what I found out about the shelf:

Unfortunately, the shelf is a concept only, but with the attention it’s getting we’re hoping it will become a reality.  That said, built into the shelf is a powder coated aluminum block that slides along a track allowing you to secure a small or large number of books.  The block tightens into place using a wingnut below the shelf.  It’s designed by Colleen Whiteley and measures 41″ long by 8″ wide by 11″ high.





  1. I bet you could fake up something using a C clamp. If you found a really cool old one it might look interesting, or you could paint one up in whatever colour you like. It might need something added to reach further back on the shelf.

  2. Being a woodworker, I see many of these ideas and can use them for as insperation to create my own version of these. The shelf would be a very easy idea to revision into a DIY project.

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