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When Ideas Have Sex

This video of Matt Ridley is pretty interesting, a while back I read his book called Genome, which was great! In this video he is showing how human kind has prospered because the exchange of ideas, how we benefit from it.  I couldn’t help but apply this thinking to housing.  The Tiny House Movement is a largely internet-based social/thought movement.  As a cause we have thrived by sharing our ideas about housing, its problems and how Tiny Houses address it.

What do you think?

  1. I enjoyed watching the video. I like how he explains the benefits and momentum of exchange of services as a species. I know a lot of us around here are DIYers but he makes a good point that specializing in something (and exchanging specialized services) saves each of us valuable time. The end is most interesting… I think it’s true that we are advancing (because of technology) at a higher rate than ever before. Interesting times ahead. I think this technology will allow us to live in much smaller spaces while still enjoying plenty of luxuries. The Iphone and others like it still amaze me every time I see my friends with them.

    • I was so surprised when I saw the actual implications of having to work for 1 hour of light. But at the same time, I can’t feel a little bit scared at his point that no one knows how to make anything!

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