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Welcome Andrea Tremols!

Over the past few years The Tiny Life has grown to have so many awesome readers, we are continually floored at the number of people who are making the change to living life tiny, even if we aren’t all living in Tiny Houses… Yet.  When I started this blog I wanted it to be a resource to Tiny House people everywhere.  A way to connect, share info, help the movement and share the dream!

So today I hope you join me in welcoming Andrea Tremols, our new writer here at The Tiny Life!  Andrea lives in Charleston, SC in her Tiny House which she calls: “La Casita”.  She built her Tiny House with her fiancee last year using reclaimed lumber.  Inspired by the small dwellings she inhabited during her time as a volunteer on organic farms, she hopes to continue discovering what the tiny lifestyle has in store for her. I was excited to meet Andrea at a Tiny House Workshop where she presented on her Tiny House, she has been living in it since then in Charleston.

So I am excited to bring aboard Andrea because not only has she built a Tiny House, she also lives in one.  Along with other interesting life experiences I think she will bring a lot to this blog for you all!

  1. Very much looking forward to Andrea’s perspective and information on tiny/small homes and the lifestyle in general. There are so many issues that people wish answers could be found, but unless you are living it, you can’t really know all the in’s and out’s. WELCOME, ANDREA!

    • Thanks Deborah for such a warm welcome! Let me know if there are any topics you’d be interested in knowing more about! I’m open to any and all suggestions!

  2. Welcome Andrea. I looked up your website, Charleston Tiny House blog and I must say, it is wonderful- Very informative and inspiring.

    • Thank you Donna for the kind words! I’m glad you visited and enjoyed the CTH blog. I’m going to post a book review soon based on one of the books I listed on The Tiny Life so look out for that soon!

  3. Hello Andrea, I am almost done with my THoW and as life would have it may be moving to Charleston from Orlando. I haven’t seen much as far as parking options in the area. Any insight you could share would be greatly appreciated

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