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Tumbleweed Gifford Tiny House

So I just got an email from Jay about his brand new house, The Gifford!  The house is designed to be under 120 square feet because many municipalities don’t require a permit for structure under that size.  The looks of this house are amazing!  Jay has done it again!  What is interesting about this house is that Jay has left the interior open to however you want to do it.  It is an interesting twist in his approach as Jay strikes me as a person who likes every detail to be planned out.  The house has the ability to outfitted with a sleeping loft or however else you see fit.  The fully built house will run you $13,999.  The one thing that jumped out at me is the cost of the window options, while I know good windows are a great investment and these look very nice, a 4 foot by 3 foot window for $900 window seems like a lot!


  1. I love these new Box Bungalows they’ve come up with. The windows are expensive, but they’re also really unique and fit perfectly with the designs.

  2. i’m a tad bit under-whelmed by these new designs. In videos I’d seen around the web about his bungalow-in-a-box, he talked about “kits” for the bathroom (with a little japanese tub), etc. being available for these. Instead there are just rough drawings about how you can finish it yourselves.

    the pricing on these are a bit over the top as well. not the plans, but the options. $2500 to stain it? just a grand less to paint it? I get that custom windows can be pricey, but it’s starting to get out of hand.

    I’d like to see some in shorter lengths as well. the 7×16 is getting boring to me.

    all that said…these are little beauties. the details are fabulous.

  3. I love the colors on the tiny houses. I know they’re all different, but for some reason they all remind me of a whimsical land of toys or something – it makes me happy! Is that weird?


  4. While there might be no permit to build, you cannot occupy this structure on a permanent basis inside any city in the US on your own property if there is no house occupying the property already, they will tear it down, arrest you, and fine you.

    • There are cities that allow it…but not many. To me, this is more of an option for people wanting to live off grid out in the woods, which is exactly my goal. It has its niche and situations that are blurry enough to make it worth pursuing. Your post, in my opinion, is far too negative and narrow-minded.

  5. I like the design elemants, but what is with the costs? The window prices are way over priced. The cost of building options in general is high for everything. This over charge on the part of Tumbelweed is going to kill them. The homes are great, the designs are great, but the prices are way off. Even the heaters sold by Jay can be had for 400 less online. I know the economy is tough and money must be made, but not to this degree.

  6. The house is too small, I know tumbleweed thinks smaller is better, only to be followed by even smaller.
    I think a bit larger, especially for a home not limited by what can be built on a trailer.
    I work as an engineer but I am ready to work for the tumbleweed house company.
    I can provide the windows, install them and then paint/stain the house.
    At the prices charged to the customer, I will make a killing.

  7. Too small? Did you see the “dumpster home” on the national news on September 29th?

    I do agree the pricing is steep for such a small living area. The unique design elements add a lot to the price, but those features are also wahat make it a Tumbleweed. How about toning it down a bit and give us mid-range (or low-range) folks some lower priced options to make it more affordable. As for the staining? I can do that myself.

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