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Topics For Tiny House Conference 2015?

Simple post today.  We are looking ahead and planning our next conference to be in Portland April, 2015.  Let us know in the comments!


What topics would you like to see presented by our tiny house experts?


  1. Is there some kinda national directory for places that will allow Tiny Houses? Such as campsites, RV parks, private properties, and national/state parks.? If not, can someone take on this project?

  2. A Tiny House Party!

    With this playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZlYzMehohQ

  3. I’m slowly working on getting out of my behemoth of a home, and plan on building a tiny house. I’d love to see how getting wired to the internet is covered outside of satellite internet (my job requires internet access at home). I haven’t seen it covered, and I’d love to know my options.

  4. Tiny home communities!

  5. I have written before on this topic, with no reply. I am nearly 70 years old, recently disabled. I believe that small footprint housing could provide great benefits in the lives and care of the physically challenged. I have a very limited area of travel, and more is not better. A properly designed small space with well thought out personal care and hygiene facilities could make my lifestyle much more tolerable, perhaps even enjoyable. It would also ease the burden on my caregivers.

    I really think this is a housing niche that deserves some attention.



    • Bill,

      Check out our store, we have an ebook on retiring in a tiny house which also talks about ADA/wheel chair accessible tiny houses.

    • Bill,
      I think you have a great idea, and it would be very possible. Tiny Houses can be what you need them to be. Personalization is the best part I believe.
      In oder to better serve you why not find a Tiny House builder who could create a plan with the personal modifications you would need? It would not necessarily meet the ADA standards but it might be able to meet your standards.

  6. Tiny living in Canada; what resources are there?

  7. I am very new to this concept and would love to learn more. How does one prepare to live this lifestyle? I had to move from 2000sq ft. to 970 sq ft and had a hard time getting rid of stuff. Two years later I now feel ready. I live in a mobile home that is paid for, so I won’t be building a Tiny Home any time soon. Yet, I want to get ready for the tranistion. There are things that can be tried in my moblie home I am sure. I need guidence and I sure others do also. This would a great topic for the conference.

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