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Tiny Houses Make Another Splash

Tiny Houses have continued to charm and excite imaginations with yet another headline by NPR featured on the Yahoo! homepage.  It is obviously that Tiny Houses have an innate charm and spark conversations across the globe about how we live or more specifically, what we live in.

The Japanese have long endured crowded cities and scarce living space, with homes so humble a scornful European official once branded them rabbit hutches.

But in recent years, Japanese architects have turned necessity into virtue, vying to design unorthodox and visually stunning houses on remarkably narrow pieces of land. In the process, they are also redefining the rules of home design.

Few Americans would consider a parking-space-sized lot as an adequate site to build a house. But in Japan, homes are rising on odd parcels of land, some as tiny as 300 square feet.

Link to full story:  here

  1. I spent a little time in Japan for work. Things that stood out to me…

    1. We went to an appliance and electronics store. They sold no refrigerators in the sense that we think of them. All of them popped out of the floor and were tiny. Separate washer/dryers were also not an option.

    2. I stayed in a Japanese style hotel at first there and it was literally a bed and a bathroom. The bathroom sink faucet was also the tub faucet.

    Just my experiences. I think we have a lot to learn from them in regards to space and proper use of it.


    • I would love to see a pop out fridge from the floor, do you have a photo?


  2. No, I don’t unfortunately. I’ll look it up though and try to find one.


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