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Tiny House Live: Cooling

Tonight show 6pm Eastern

Tonight we will be talking about cooling tiny houses.  I don’t know about where you live, but in Charlotte, NC this week it has been hot!  we have topped 90 degrees a few days, I want my spring.  So I figure it would be a good topic to cover as we get into the summer season.

  1. Hi Ryan,

    I don’t get to view your live broadcasts, but I really appeciate them when I see them the next day. Please keep up the good work.

    On the topic of cooling, I see essentially three groups, isolation (insulate, seal, and shade), ventilation (windows and fans) and artifical cooling. The last one is the most interesting, because it’s something that most (sub)urbanites feel is important, and with active use of the other two, isn’t always needed.

    ACs are common, but power intensive for off grid use. You mentioned swamp cooler which are great, but are dependant on very dry enviroments. Perhaps there are other creative methods using a plentiful water source that can be researched.

    And finally, on ventilation, one of the major benifits of most small houses is that they often have no interior walls in the direction of the prevailing winds. By putting windows on the far sides, you’re house can become a bit of a wind tunnel.

    • oh good! I’m glad folks are watching them! I did have a good number watching during the show this week. Thanks for checking it out everyone!

  2. Check out my article on eHow – How To Build A Homemade AC Unit

    It’s more like a small “swamp cooler” that uses ice.

    In Southern Oregon summer temps are often 105F-110F+ . My vintage 1955 trailer doesn’t have AC and no traditional windows for a standard AC unit. This is an energy saving economical alternative that anyone can build…


    Thanks! <3

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