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Tiny House Inforgraphic – Survey Follow Up

730496_668633062418_1717661458_nAbout a week and a half ago I did a post along with many other of the tiny house bloggers where we conducted a survey of tiny house people.  It asked things like income, savings, etc. so we could get a better idea of what a tiny house person is like and how they compare to the typical American.

We had a TON of responses and with such a great response it prompted me to want to do something extra special for you all.  So I have put together a kick starter campaign to raise the money to fund the creation of a tiny house infographic.

Infographics are a visual way to share data about an interesting topic.  Instead of boring graphs and spreadsheets, we are working with a graphic designer to tell the story with color and vivid graphics.  You can see an example of this in my first post of the series that talked about what the average American looks like.  You can see how the bottom really long graphic tells the store with data, but is really interesting.

So please check out the kick starter, we hope you will support us in tell the story of tiny house people.



  1. I put in honest information. I really don’t understand the reluctance of many people to reveal non-identifying information. What possible nefarious use can anyone make of the information anyway? It’s not like you’re telling people where the money (if any) is or how to get at it or you. It’s better not to answer at all than to give false information, unless the information is close enough to keep the statistics reasonably accurate. I don’t give my actual birthdate for sites that ask for that information in conjunction with my name but I will give my age in years or a date that will give it.

  2. Just pledged – can’t wait to hear the results!

  3. Wow. How was this at all a useful comment? For one thing, what are you even doing on here if you’re not interested in or supportive of this topic?

    And for another, as a potential tiny house builder myself, an infographic like this is extremely interesting and potentially very useful to me. How people choose to spend their money is no business of yours, but since it’s likely to piss you off I can’t help but mention that I’m about to make my pledge.

    • Thanks M. We have removed the comment because it violated our comment policy. We welcome constructive criticism, but it should done in an appropriate way. On the topic of the funding of the infographic we offer it with various rewards (if someone spend $25 they get a printed copy shipped to them etc). Ultimately we put it out there and people make their own choice to contribute to it or not. I didn’t get much in the way of benefits from this, the money goes directly to the graphic designer, my time spent on this wasn’t compensated, but donated.

      I know that inforgraphics tend to get a lot of traffic and are shared a lot, which brings a lot of awareness to our cause. So you are not only getting the rewards from the kick starter, but helping the cause.

      There will always be people who aren’t on board, that’s okay, but I think us getting 130% funding shows we had a lot more people in support.

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