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Tiny House Guest Bedroom

So as I tell my family all about my plans for a Tiny House, my mother always asks “where am I going to stay when I visit”.  I didn’t really have any idea, perhaps a cot?  It got me thinking to how to handle guests in a Tiny House.  I love having people visit and spending time with family and friends, so this is something that I need to figure out.  Then I saw this and thought that it just might work.

What some people don’t realize is that in many Tiny Houses on trailers, if you have a open “great room” floor to ceiling height is actually 11.5 feet!  Now if you were to integrate a way to hook up the net on the sides you could instantly double your sleeping space!  When you don’t have guests etc then you can just pull it aside, perhaps into a cabinet so when pushed to one end, the door closes and hides the whole thing.

How do you plan to handle company?

  1. You could use a hammock. Seriously, like an expedition style one that you enter from underneath. I think they’re made by Hennessey. Anyway, the net looks like an interesting idea too, but what’s it made of?

    • I have one similar to the Henesy hammocks, With this option I could have someone sleep in the pictured hammock and then have a regular hammock below, I could have 3 guests! maybe a cot below that! 4 guests


  2. I think it is a safety net

  3. A hammock was my first thought, too. Admittedly, they take some getting used to, but there’s a lot to recommend a hammock in a restricted space.

  4. I’m thinking a hotel. ;^) Seriously… I have a plan to retire to a tiny house and while I will love to have folks visit, I’m thinking sleeping arrangements will be elsewhere. Or perhaps a couch-like object.

    • This is problably what I will end up doing, but the hammock thing looks like fun!


  5. I agree with Sarah. Part of a tiny house is not wasting space on things like guest rooms which go vacant 360 days a year, and the flip side of that is that you have no space for guests.

    My reasoning is that with the money saved otherwise, putting my loved ones in the local hotel when they are here is much nicer.

    • good point about the money saved that could go to a hotel.


  6. Good points on the hotels but I still like Ryan’s idea. You can always take the hammock for yourself while family (parents) use your real bed. Or like Sarah suggests something like a futon would work too.

    Remember the Hong Kong apartment video? He had a nice hammock in his 300-something square foot pad. 🙂

    • I just can’t get into futons, an old girlfriend of mine slept on one as her normal bed, it was awful and loud


  7. Or, maybe the reverse hotel answer would be to have the tiny house owner go to the hotel and the visitors stay in the tiny house alone to see how they like it:)

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