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Applications have closed, no more are being accepted at this time.

I’m trying something new here.  Over the years I’ve had the great fortune of working on, building and living in tiny houses, now I want to share what I’ve learned with others in a new way.  Many people helped me along my journey, this is a way for me to give back.  So today I’m announcing 30 spots in a coaching program.  The spots are free, there is no cost.  There will be 15 spots to people who are serious about taking the leap in the next 6 months.  There will be another 15 spots for those who are already actively building.

The Goal

The goal of the coaching is to support people in their journey to live tiny, to equip them with the knowledge they need to take significant action to achieving their dreams.  Essentially we will help you determine a design, answer key questions, provide technical knowledge, and begin building.

How it will work

People can apply for a free spot, but they must be very serious about participating.  While this is free, 90% attendance is required at our online meetings and weekly online discussions.  I will review all applications and choose those who can demonstrate their willingness to commit.

Who this is for and who it isn’t for

This group is for those who are serious about making the leap to living tiny.  The ideal person will have already taken serious steps to show they aren’t just dreaming, but moving to action.  This group is for those who can show up to the group coaching every time without fail.  They will also participate in the conversation online in a significant and meaningful way.

Those who aren’t able to show up to every online group coaching and hop online for discussion several times a week should reconsider applying.  Because this is an online group coaching, a computer with internet connection and some aptitude with computers/web is required.


  • Applications closes: Closed
  • Accepted people will be notified: August 17th
  • First online group coaching: Weds August 24th at 6:30 PM EST
  • Second online group coaching: Weds August 31st at 6:30 PM EST
  • Third online group coaching: Weds September 14th 6:30 PM EST
  • Fourth online group coaching: Weds Oct 19th 6:30 PM EST
  • Weekly online Q&A group discussion August 24th-Oct 31st (must participate weekly)

What’s the value to you

Once we kick this off we will meet online in a webinar/chat format where I’ll have quick presentation on a certain topic.  We will then open the floor up to folks who have specific questions.  I’ll provide answers to the group and others can chime in too.  Each week in the online discussion I’ll start topics and join in on the discussion, providing insights where possible; this is also a place where others can share what is working for them or share their experiences.  Along the way I’ll provide materials, guides, diagrams etc that will extend your learning.

About your coach, Ryan Mitchell

ryan1I’ve been working in the tiny house movement for over 7 years, I’ve built my own home and now live in it full time for several years.  I’ve spent years teaching people how to build and live in tiny houses.  I am a best selling tiny house book author, run the number one how to build tiny house on the internet and my teachings have resulted in hundreds of tiny homes being built.

All that said, I’m also a student.  I’m constantly learning new things, honing my understanding and working hard to be better.  Coaching is a new thing for me.  I’m most alive when I’m surrounded by people who are veraciously pursuing their dreams.  Because this is a new adventure, I’m going to have to do my fair share of feeling my through this, but I promise to do my best to deliver the best I can, to come with a plan and try my hardest.

More about me here

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Applications have closed, no more are being accepted at this time.