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Tiny House Chat – Ryan’s Getting Started Guide

I posted a new episode this week which is my crash course on getting started in your journey to building and living in a tiny house.  For those of you with an iPhone, an Android or similar, you can subscribe to the podcast so they automatically download when a new episode comes out.  You can get it via the at the top of www.tinyhousechat.com or via your phone podcast app.

Also did you know you can call in and leave a question for us and we’ll play it on the air? Call: 704-559-9577


New episode here: http://www.tinyhousechat.com/episode-8-5-ryans-getting-started-guide/

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  1. Ryan what problems do you see in the “tiny house” in Canada? Particularly in areas where the winters are cold – minus 30 degrees celcius and the snow could get to 4 feet high? My husband are seriously considering selling our 1300 square foot home and going to 250 to 300 square feet but the winter weather has us wondering whether or not this is viable.

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