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TheTinyLife.com Featured in Small Living Journal

I just recently was featured in the Small Living Journal, here is a short excerpt for it, click the link at the bottom to read it all!

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Click here to read the full article by me:  Small Living Journal

  1. Ryan, you did a real decent job/coverage-wise. I actually began writing an article, with a good many of the same points, as well as some others, but missed the deadline! 2 kids, 2 bands, 1 house under self-renovation, and releasin’ an indie book, will do that to ya, I guess….
    Anyway, my only hesitancy point on going fully digital (although it def has its merits!), is that unless any and everything is properly backed up (and THAT’s not even fail-safe) you’re screwed(!) if you lose your files, or computer, ipod, etc….Kindle books and apple’s new ultra-hyped e-book haven’t thrilled me just yet. I guess I’m old fashioned. Somethin’ about laying a emf-emitting computerized book on your groin doesn’t sit well with me.
    Anyway, Def. GOOD ideas from Ryan though. I myself grew up in a small home, and now live in another one- 900 square feet with 2 kids, a dog, and 4 drums sets (my own fault- lol), and a real quick additional recommendation is to use window-wells/recesses, for shelved storage- as long as you don’t go overboard in blocking your natural lighting. Also, code wise (zoning and building permit wise) if you hang external custom-built cabinets (weather proofed) on the unseen side of your home, they function as micro-shed storage, which does not count in your square footage for taxation, and so forth. Obviously, if you have room for a shed, they’re beyond valuable for small home owners!
    Great job though Ryan. keep it up


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