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The True Cost Of Gas

This is an eye opening video on the true costs of gas.  With this knowledge there is yet another reason for transitioning to alternative energies.

  1. Looks like their message is: save the planet, kill yourself. I suppose it’s a good thing that we don’t wrap our collective lips around the open gas tanks.

    Or maybe you should.

    Cave Johnson. We’re done here.

  2. Of course, the alternative to our dependence on oil is:
    1) Higher costs of…well, EVERYTHING
    – All materials that are cut, farmed, or mined have just gone up because gas runs combines, generators, loggers
    – Moving those goods from one place to the next just became near-impossible, causing a further rise in prices
    – Food that would need to be shipped from the factory in California to New York, is gone, thus causing the prices of food in New York to go up. This will occur everywhere in the nation
    – Housing (that “right” that the Left claims we have) is prohibitively expensive now, since buying the materials for even a 1 bedroom home would cost into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, so no one would be able to buy a home anymore
    – Getting to and from work would take up to an hour longer (I personally have to drive about 15 miles, it takes me about 15 minutes, but since I’d now have to ride my bike, or walk, easily an hour or more, one way), which would mean less productive time, thus any good or service I provide would be of lesser quality, but cost more

    2) A lot of products, gone
    – Plastics… They are a byproduct of oil refining. They are now gone, and with it, the cost of goods has gone up exponentially since they can no longer be mass produced and stored
    – Makeup – Gone. Most makeup contains at least some byproduct of crude oil. Those makeups that do not, will become so expensive that no one could afford it. Now, for lefties, this will result in “no change”, but for the rest of America, this will be a problem.

    3) A lot of jobs – GONE
    – I thought lefties wanted to help “the little man”. Well, any one of those “little men” who worked at a oil refinery, are out of work. Shipping the oil from its extraction point to a refinery, those jobs are gone. All the auto mechanics, out of work, since there are no cars to work on, and fixing a bike is infinitely easier than fixing an engine. Car salesmen, gone. The guys who build car lots, cars, roads, tires, auto-shops, auto-parts, all lose their jobs.
    – We’re talking about MILLIONS of Americans out of work, in an instant.

    Hey, pollution might be a problem, and the costs associated with it might be high. But they are no where -NO WHERE!!!! – close to the cost of getting rid of oil. Of course, reason #2 above is enough for me…

  3. The alternative is we could use ethanol (Smart ethanol, i.e. NOT made from corn).

    It sequesters CO2, doesn’t come from the middle east, doesn’t have to cross oceans, and emits practically no CO, NOx, or ash compared to petro-fuels.

    Why we didn’t start doing that 25 years ago I really don’t understand.

  4. disclaimer:
    I am a LEFTY.

    I think the suggestion is getting off foreign oil, not oil altogether. Yes we have come to rely upon the use of petroleum products — who wants an IV bag to become one of the old glass ones?

    The point is, you get what you pay for. Destroy the panet or pay a little more.

    Eat seasonal locally available foods. Do I really NEED an avacado if its not grown within a reasonable distance of where i live?

    Localizing industry (what’s left of it in this country) would help as well.

    People tend to shy away from alternatives because of comparison pricing.
    Solar energy costs more to produce, but the effect on the planet doesn’t seem to be considered.

    And as for jobs…ask the fishing industry in the Gulf area how their jobs are after the spill. But that’s ok, we can eat farm raised shrimp from Vietnam.

    There are pros and cons to every side of every issue. But “every thing in moderation” doesn’t work. Heroin in moderation still isn’t good for you.

    Heck, we can’t even get everyone in the US to shut of their lights 3 hours for one night a month.

    I’m guilty of over consumption — my mac goes 24/7, i enjoy my AC on hot humid days, I am addicted to certain wines that come from across the country.

    It’s not moderation, it’s BALANCE. If use is heavy in something, make changes in something else.

    …I’m rambling now, so I’ll stop…except to say, videos like that are so far off to ONE side that little attention gets paid.

    BTW: the same videos could be made about Propane, and Natural Gas…research the damage they do. they are NOT alternatives.

  5. @DarthKeller

    The whole point of the video was that we are not paying the true cost of gas, not that we should stop using it.
    The real question is why do “righties” object to paying the true costs of fossil fuel?

    I actually like some of the conservative platform, but I hate this tactic of making up an issue no major party is discussing (giving up oil immediately) rather than focusing on finding solutions. It simply hands the costs and responsibility of our fuel use to the next generation.

    Americans has some of the cheapest energy while being the richest nations in the world. We need to start looking for solutions rather than imagining new problems.

    I wholeheartedly support a revenue-neutral carbon tax, like the one this site promotes: http://www.carbontax.org
    Both for the reasons in the video and that it will send the right price signals to unleash American innovation in this important area.

  6. While I do agree that SOMETHING needs to change as far as our consumption of oil (and how much we are paying for it) I feel like we are so stuck in the way things are that to change it would take a HUGE movement, maybe bigger than we are prepared to make. I hope I’m wrong here, but I don’t really see things getting much better any time soon!


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