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The Tiny Life Introduces Tiny House Quick Clips

In the last two months The Tiny Life has put together a YouTube playlist of essential videos that address hot topics in the tiny house world including comparing tiny houses to RVs, getting permitted with DMV, and even OpEd pieces like why RVIA can be a bad thing for the tiny house world.

Hosted by editor Ryan Mitchell and co-hosted by tiny houser Macy Miller, the quick clips are barely more than 2-3 minutes each and are driven by quality audio as well as key text points. Save one visual video they are all audio recordings culled from the Tiny House Chat podcast.

In the first video Why I’d Rather Live In A Tiny House And Not A RV Mitchell notes perhaps the most obvious reasons people are attracted to tiny houses. Tiny houses look like a house. “It says to you psychologically…it communicates, that it is a home.” And while not all of the points raised in the quick clips will be agreed upon by listeners they are well founded and delivered.

The Tiny Life Quick Clips currently has the following in the playlist:

To subscribe to The Tiny Life on YouTube for both the Quick Clips and several very valuable, more traditional videos visit The Tiny Life on the YouTube platform and click on the Subscribe button.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Enjoyed the videos. Suggest putting an archive list on your blog and also subject follow up links to both your own content and the content of others. This will support your opinion with references and data. Google ‘barking up the wrong tree’ for a great example of this method.
    That is not to say there isn’t a place for opinion pieces and sharing lessons learned. Rather it can build on those short info spots.


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