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The Journey Starts

Today was day one of building the Tiny House and I didn’t get as far as I hopped I would.  My welder let me know that he wasn’t going to have time until Monday to tackle the project, but it shouldn’t take him that long to do.  So most of the day was spent driving to Lexington to pickup my trailer at Kaufman Trailers, then talking with the welder about what needed to be done.  The welder had some ideas on how to improve the structural integrity of the anchoring of the house to the trailer over and above what Tumbleweed recommended so the plan has changed slightly.

Even though I didn’t get started on the floor framing like I had wanted, I have a game plan for the welding, I picked up almost all the lumbar for the floor framing and all the little things have been collected.

Here is a photo of the last load of lumber for the floor portion of the build.

Today I learned a few important lessons that I think I’d be wise to keep in mind during this process.

  1. Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING takes way longer than you thought it would.
  2. Have a plan, think it through, then be prepared to totally change it as things come up.
  3. While building a Tiny House always have: work gloves, a tape measure, you house plans, pencil, calculator, patience…


  1. Great lessons! I’ll be sure to keep them in mind as I prepare for my build next spring.

  2. Good luck Ryan!

  3. Good luck!! I am excited to be able to watch your progress!

  4. Remember Westheimer’s Rule:
    To estimate the time it takes to do a task, estimate the time you think it should take, multiply by two, and change the unit of measure to the next highest unit. Thus, we allocate two days for a one-hour task.

  5. GOGOGO! Ryan, We’re all watching and rooting for your success with your newest Tiny Home! You pioneer, we’ll follow one day.

  6. Good luck, Ryann. What is that saying about, ‘Measure twice, cut once’ ?? That saved us from wasting materials. You’re going to do great, enjoying keeping up with your posts and progress.

  7. Great Ryan

    Can’t wait to follow your progress. I’m in the UK and can’t find many people building tiny houses so i need all the help i can get.



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