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Tammy & Logan


Tammy and Logan have long since been, for me,  “the poster child” for how living in tiny houses as a couple can work.  They recently were featured on peak moment and I really loved their interview.  As I watched this video I couldn’t stop agreeing.  One of the big things I admire them for is ditching their cars.  Every time I talk to Tammy she makes me feel guilty (in a good way) about my car.  Here is the video.

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the kind words! Its great to have such a vibrant and supportive community online! 🙂 We will have to change our location on your “localize” tiny house map soon with our upcoming move. 🙂


    • Good Luck on the move, what type of place are you moving to? A house? An apartment?

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