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New Type Of Bale House

I have talked about straw bale houses before (see post) but this house is a whole new take on bales, specifically cardboard bales.  For those who might not be familiar most retail stores and other truck/shipping places have a large machine in the back called a baler, basically you throw your cardboard in them and you have them recycled.  You can even make money off the sale.  But there are some cardboards that are simply not able to be recycled.  So check out this neat take on bale houses.


A New Take On House Trucks

So this is a pretty interesting one, I have serious doubts about this one, but here it goes. As we make our way to a oil-less future, hopefully sooner rather than later, the questions remains: what do we do with all the old infrastructure? One possible relic is the gas tanker. Now the Gas-off, no pun intended, of the internals of the tank leave me very skeptical. Perhaps a good scrub, then a grinding of the top inner layer might do it. But potentially we could be left with 10’s of thousands of these tankers, here is Aristede Antonas take on how to upcycle these.