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UPDATE: Tiny Tree Hotel Room

A while back I posted about this neat mirrored hotel room that was seated in the trees, almost blending in, check it out here.  But at the time it was simply a concept drawing, while many concepts don’t come to fruition, this one actually did!

It brings about a good question, Should your home do its best to blend in, to let nature be the focus, not the home?


Should your home do its best to blend in, to let nature be the focus, not the home?

Next Generation Home

So I recently read a comment written by one of our readers, Jason, he made an interesting point when he said (paraphrasing) at what point can we take a house and stop it from consuming, to producing.  This is a very interest notion, traditionally houses and their systems require resources to operate, to maintain, to use etc.  Now being a producer could mean the house itself produces, a system within the house, the person who lives in the house; how can we turn this negative into a positive?

So it left me wondering how could I have a house that doesn’t consume, but produces; while this might actually be impossible if you start looking at the laws of physics it might be a more accurate statement that a house that can offset the inputs with it’s outputs.  But is this even possible?

The average American home creates 4 tons of waste in just its construction, the average house produces almost 90,000 pounds of carbon emissions.  Now a Tiny House will drastically reduces the amount you have to offset, but it will still be a good bit.  Here are some ideas that could help us get closer to making our house a producer, not a consumer.

Reduce your usage right off the bat

First and foremost I would urge you to first reduce what you consume, being conscious of what you consume, if you have to purchase something, think about how you can extend the life of it or if you can use something that you have to preform the function.  Finally if you have to use something, recycle or up-cycle it.

Grow your home

How about instead of building a home, you grow one!  Here are two idea, the first is a real example that is being used already, the other is a concept that is grown from protein structures.

Green Roofs

Not only does the roof process CO2, but it can grow food and drastically reduce cooling and heating costs.  This isn’t a new concept but still an attractive concept.

Green Power

Now obviously it take energy and resources to produce solar panels, geo-thermal taps, and wind turbines, so you have to take into account how much you have to produce to just offset the production, but I would suspect you could make up the difference and then some over the lifetime of the products.

What other ideas could make your home a producer, not a consumer?

Awesome Concept Hotel / Tiny House


Found this awesome concept for a hotel that would translate nicely to a Tiny House.  The really neat thing about this is that the skin of the structure is highly reflective so when placed in a forest it reflects the forest and almost blends in.  The skin more specifically is mirrored so it reflects outside, but you can see through it from the inside.  This affords a 360 degree view of the natural surroundings.  The architect says it would be “hung” from the tree, which seems both unrealistic and very high impact on the tree even if it could hold it.  None the less its a great idea!  Check the architect’s firm out here



Meditation Treehouse


So the Baumraum had very very little to actually say about this awesome tree house, here is what they said:

The treehouse serves as a room for meditation and relaxation. The straight, clear shape underlines this use.

The house is apparently used as a Zen getaway of sorts, I really like the deck on it, it’s intertwined with the tree, truly bringing the outdoors to the forefront.




Braumraum Tree Houses


Tree Houses will always have a nostalgic aspect in our hearts, growing up we loved ours if we had one and wanted one if we didn’t.  The architects over at Baumraum are masters at tree houses, but at a whole new level than your childhood dream home, they have fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms.  We are talking running water, flushing toilets, industrial gas ranges and Wifi.  These folks are out of German, so I don’t know a ton about them but they focus on sustainable design, making sure the tree isn’t injured and allowed to grow.  They have several houses that range from 18,000 to 140,000 Euros.  This includes design, materials, labor etc.   They even build houses on stilts if you don’t have suitable trees or even if you have no trees at all!


This is what they say about their houses:

A treehouse! A promise of adventure for the kids, a retreat for the adults, a romantic hideaway close to nature. These special little dwellings installed up among the trees fire our imagination and rouse our curiosity, bringing back childhood memories, and with them the desire to climb up and enter a magic world amongst the foliage. To be spellbound again, to witness the different sights and sounds up there by day and night and throughout the seasons. To play up there, to work undisturbed, to relax, to daydream…


Check them out here

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