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500 Posts!

So almost 2 years ago I stood in a Tumbleweed house in Philadelphia and was moved to start this blog.  It has been an interesting journey to here, the fact that I have found 500 things to day about Tiny Houses is kind of crazy!  Some days it has been very difficult to find relevant content that wasn’t being covered by my friends at other Tiny House blogs, but was new.  Now it is true I cover more than just Tiny Houses, but really cover living a Tiny Life (environmental conscious, sustainable, socially responsible and fiscally conservative topics), it still is a tall order.  Two things have surprised me about starting this blog: 1) how many people are excited about and come to read about Tiny Houses 2) what great readers I have!

This year we had the first ever Tiny House Conference which was a great success!  I have a uptick in people commenting on the blog and on the Facebook page.   We have also seen a steady growth in people coming to the site.  This means one thing, Tiny Houses are growing in popularity and more people are becoming aware of the issues that surround housing, economy and environmental issues.

So today my 500 post wish would be two fold:  if you aren’t already friend our fan page on Facebook go to it by clicking the icon below and clicking the “like” button.  Second would be let me know what you like and what you want to see in the future in the comments section.

If you don’t see the comment box all you have do is click the post title and scroll down, it will be there….let me know what you like and what you want to see in the future!

Finally as always feel free to email me through the contact us tab with questions and stories!  Thanks!


-Ryan Mitchell

Half A Million People Come To TheTinyLife.com

That’s right!  Early this morning we broke a half a million visitors to TheTinyLife.com.  We are now read in 180 different countries and in 91 different languages! This week we also broke 800 Facebook fans (you should be one if you’re not already).  We have done this in under 1.2 years!

It is very apparent that Tiny Houses are growing in interest, which I am glad to hear, because I love sharing and talking about Tiny Houses.  I also wanted to thank all of you who come out everyday and check out the blog, I love doing this, but to have such great readers, I love it even more!

As always feel free to give a shout out in the comments of Facebook, and you can email any time through the “contact us” tab.


Charlotte, NC Tiny Houses Meetup

So I have been thinking and thinking about this idea of a meetup for Tiny House people.  I have figured out a few things all of which are free or cheap, this is still in the planning stages.
What I have figured out:

  • Location to host in Charlotte, NC
  • Tour of an off-the-grid container home
  • Tour of first LEED certified Hotel in Charlotte
  • Green / Eco-Friendly expo with a series of talks
  • Possible tour of a micro farm
  • A short list of speakers (not yet approached)

What I still need to button down:

  • A Tubleweed style home brought to Charlotte, NC for tours
  • Print Materials / guides
  • Finalizing the above
  • Volunteers
  • Marketing / Promotion
  • Group to webcast talks and video tours

What can you do to help?

Have a Tiny House?

Want to volunteer?

Skinny House

So frankly, I don’t find this house particularly appealing, but in the interest of covering the topic in full here it goes.   This tiny house is a rather unique approach to housing.  With a focus on outdoor living it comes full equipped with all the essentials, a semi-outdoor living space, a grill, garden tools etc.  One really neat thing I do like is the moon roof on this house over the sleeping area.  While I think it is cool, flat roofs are notorious for leaking and keeping this clean might be less than practical.

I do really appreciate the focus on outdoor gardening, with purpose built niches for tools, watering can, wheel barrel etc.  Its dining area I think would be really fun to have a great sit down dinner with friends on a nice summer night.  All in all it is a very well appointed house that has some serious potential and has been laid out well.


Tiny House Live!

Tonight Show 6pm Eastern

Tonight’s show is unique and out of the box places to find information on living small, living tiny or living with a small footprint.  This will also be relevant to homesteading, off the grid living, and back to the land folks.

Free TV : Ustream

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