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Haiti Hut

This is a modular house that is constructed of smaller 8’x8′ sections and when you put 4 of them together you have a fully functional home.

The enclosed area is divided by a bathroom/kitchen core into a sleeping quarter and a living/dining area. A porch is also included in one of the modules. The “L” shape of this sustainable house provide a garden area for the house. The shape also allows the housing unit to be repeated in a small community.


Les Cabanes de Marie

This charming treehouse is actually a hotel room, for 300 pounds you can stay here, price includes dinner, breakfast and a few other things.  I wasn’t able to get many details other than it is 13 feet off the ground and is comprised of a deck, bedroom and bathroom.


Red & White Tiny Apartment

A reader, James, wrote me about this neat 270 square foot apartment in Paris.  The tiny space was maximized by stripping down a partition wall and exposing the original beams.


Closet House

This video is in spanish, but just seeing what this house can do is amazing!  With sliding walls, integrated controls, a fold out table and much more, this is one impressive house!

Update! – Tiny Lake House

One of my favorite Tiny Houses of all time is the Tiny Lake House (see my post here).  The funny thing is that I am not a particularly big on lake houses or beach homes, I am firmly a mountain house type of guy.  Anyway, the update I have for you today is simply new renderings of this house that I have found, so I thought I’d share with you all!  Enjoy.



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