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Cliff Top House

Today I found this house built in Chile by Alvaro Ramirez and Clarissa Elton.  It is about 500 square feet and has an amazing view and emphasizes outdoor living through it opening window walls and a deck that is almost as big as the indoor space.  It is heated with a wood burning stove, was built in 3 months and cost $15,000 USD to build.  The house is divided into two sections divided by patio space, a sleeping area with bed and bathroom, then the other side is a living space with couches, kitchen and table.




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Renovated Small House

So many people think I’m crazy when I talk about living in Tiny Houses and the truth is…. it is a bit crazy.  I realize that 15o square feet is insanely small, part of the appeal for me is the challenge of seeing if I can do it.  My long term plan is to live in a Tiny House for a good while then shift to a small house.  I found this 600 square foot house and really liked the design but also the balance of keeping it small, but functional.




LineBox Studio

Many of you will remember me covering this Small House a while ago, today I wanted to share some new photos that have become available of this great house built in Canada.  The major change is the owner gave up on sleeping on a yoga mat on a hard cement floor and splurged on a bed.  I only remember this because he was pretty proud of him sleeping on a yoga mat, then again, I don’t blame him for wanting a better nights rest. While the house may look big, it is technically only 566 square feet, but each floor has 17 foot ceilings.  This combined with large windows, a white pallet and minimalistic furnishings, makes this Small House seem very big.





Greenpod Small House

I did some digging last night to find a new house for you all, I finally found a company called Greenpod, which is a sustainable building company that makes some pretty nice houses, here is a house they just built. I don’t have the full specs on it, but it is pretty compact, but still functional.


Hus.ett – Swedish Small House

This house is deceptively larger that you would think from the photos, but it still is a small house that two adults live in.  The designer and owner wanted to build a house to human scale, something that intuitively harmonized with a person.  If you were to take an adult have them stretch out their arms, then outline the form in large arks, you’d get something close to this shape.