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Tumbleweed Study Plans

Today the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company launched it series of study plans to allow people to print off the basics and take it to their local contractor.  The plans will allow just enough information to get a price quote.  Once you do decide to pull the trigger, you will still need to purchase the plans ($500-$1000) but it give you the tools to take the first step!

Click the images below and Navigate to their blog

UT Zero

Students and faculty at the University of Tennessee Knoxville have created a zero energy house that not only teaches the students around campus about sustainable design, but also reaches a wider audience in the surrounding community. The site really comes alive on college game days, when the campus is not just populated with UT’s 20,000 student population but also by 100,000-plus residents from the state of Tennessee and surrounding areas. This is a great chance for both communities to experience the green design concept firsthand.

More Photos on their Flikr Stream: here

Via: http://utzero.utk.edu/

Book House

I found a pretty neat house today from Dalhousie University Department of Architecture in Nova Scotia.  Many are frustrated when a fat yellow book is dropped on our doorstep, yellow pages don’t seem to understand that there is little need for these books.  Consequently many people just throw them out.  Here is a house that has been made out of over 7000 of these books to form an interesting house.  I am assuming they did something to seal the paper to prevent molding and water seeping in. Another really neat feature is that they were able to laminate the books togeather to construct a support beam for the roof trusses.

Sustainia Pod

This tiny space started out as a unique work space, but evolved to include a fold out bed, solar panels etc.  Wrapped in R30 insulation and a price tag of $10,000 it is a surprising low cost for some of the custom woodworking that is included.



Many of you many not know, but I work for a non-profit where my goal is to alleviate poverty.  I mention this because I often talk about how Tiny Houses can be used to solve the homeless problem.  While this is a very complicated issue surrounded by very complex issues and problems, I still like to highlight interesting houses for the homeless.

Today we have Cardboargami, a collapsible shelter made from cardboard.  While cardboard isn’t the greatest material, it is cheap and if done right, can hold up with a tarp.  There are two versions:  a two person and a larger group model.


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