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Tokyo Apartment Video Tour

I was sent this neat video from a reader (Thanks Maria!) of a Tokyo Apartment.  I often look to what Asia and Europe are doing in terms of living space because they have been living in such small spaces for a very long time.  Americans are pretty new to the game, or at least we have moved away from it.

Tiny House: Less Is More

A great commentary has been done by Bethany Lyttle of the New York Times, she talks about Tiny Houses, the movement, and why people are turning to this solution.

Note: the Audio is a bit echo-y sorry for that, but it still very clear.

60 Square Foot House for $300,000

Every now and again you hear people whine about not having enough space, but imagine living in a closet, literally, and then paying $300k for it! I found this little jem on a British site. What I love about these really small places is that it is so small that it leaves no room for anything frivolous. Everything is useful, functional, or better yet multifunctional. It is the purest form of living in a Tiny House (technically an apartment) and I think that is where it get interesting and you can learn some really practical lessons for living tiny.

This Tiny Apartment is actually a converted broom closet, no really, at some point someone realized that they could make a quick buck and sold it as a house! The owner is actually trying to sell it, not just to move, but to move into a 600 year old castle.

tiny apartment overview

small apartment kitchen

tiny house bathroom


Valerie’s Easy Green Nest Tiny House

This Tiny House, well truth be told it is a Tiny Apartment, with a small floor plan it sits at 303 square feet.  Located in Soho, you can bet this place is a pretty penny to rent, but it has great charm with an even better location.  Here is what Valerie said about her Tiny House:

living room

Though I’m a native New Yorker, I lived in Maui before moving to this light-filled studio seven years ago. Hence my love for things like bamboo (the lampshades and cabinets are covered with placemats from Pearl River) and an organic-zen, “planty”, green, life-filled feeling.

Being in such a small space also inspired an obsession with clean lines and efficiency going vertical with the Shelfshop shelf-desk-combo was nearly life-altering.

Though I’ve gradually matured the space by replacing street-found and Surprise! Surprise! furniture with grown-up stuff (by weird, cool circumstance Todd Oldham helped me pick out fabric for the Snap sofa himself), I still love meaningful, often DIY, whimsy hence the purple birds, funky angel doll, and horse-head lamps.





Lucy’s Love Shack

So why this is called the love shack, I don’t know, but at 371 square feet this renter makes the most of it.  Here is what she says:

This is an exceptionally small apartment – only 371sf! Sized more appropriately for our dog, Lucy, than two adults. There were NO closets provided by the landlord, so we designed and built a unique storage wall that extends from the sleeping area back to the kitchen.  .Each section is sized to hold exactly what we own. The living area is small, yet feels spacious thanks to the modular shelving system which features an entertainment area, bookshelves, and small desk area. All of the furniture is lightweight and easy to take with us to the next (hopefully larger) apartment.


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