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We’re Hiring At The Tiny Life – Video Producer

HiringOrangeAs we look forward to 2016, we are excited about a lot of amazing projects coming up. We’ve had record numbers of people sign up for the Tiny House Conference, April 2-3 2016 in Asheville NC, there is a new book on the way, and we have some other special things we’ll be rolling out soon.

I have been spending a lot of time on my goal planning for 2016 and one thing became really clear: We need to grow in order to do everything we want to do! So today I’d love to ask for your help in getting the word out: We’re Hiring! 

So if you know someone who might be interested, please forward this to them. Sharing the below link on social media would be awesome too! Thanks everyone!

See Our Current Job Posting
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Enough With Excuses

I just got reading an inspiring post fromScreen_Shot_2013-05-23_at_4.33.02_PM Laura LaVoie of Life in 120 Square Feet (you should read it to get an idea about this post).  I thought I’d respond to it in a way and maybe expand upon it from my viewpoint.  It basically sums up so much of what I believe when it comes to tiny houses, a career and life.  It is easy to make excuses for not doing something, to follow the path of least resistance, to settle into complacency, but to our own detriment.  Even today I do this, but I am now more cognizant of it and call myself out on it.

The point is when it comes to making drastic changes, whether building a tiny house, making a career change or some other life altering decision, IT IS HARD.  More acculturate, it is REALLY FREAKING HARD and by hard I mean lots of sleepless nights, tons of work, years of making your way to the goal; The saying  “blood, sweat, and tears” only begins to cover a rough approximation of it.

Right before I started building my tiny house I realized that the only thing that was stopping me from building my tiny house was myself.  I had no idea where I’d live in it, I had no idea how to build, I didn’t know how it would all go down, but I went for it.  When I started, I didn’t know about how the building codes and zoning would work, how I’d get utilities, where I was going to park it, but I decided that I needed to move to action now, because otherwise me saying “someday” would turn into never.

recite-3412-388918378-1iym69What I realized about the changes in my life, career and my housing options was that no matter how scary it would be to change these things, the price of doing nothing was too high.  Living in house loaded with debt, working in a job I hate and in a life left uninspired was not worth it.  To make the changes I have made – and am still making – was the only rational option.

The truth is when I started this journey I was unemployed, loaded with debt, didn’t have any money in the bank or any assets.  Since doubling down on me and my life, I own my tiny house, I should be able to clear all my debt in the next year, I have a job I love done on my terms and I have money in the bank.  What I did was nothing special, the concepts and ideas are already out there for free, you just have to stop making excuses and say “I am the priority and worthy of an epic life”.

So today resolve to make you and your life the priority, to make your life epic.  Realize it is a ton of work, it’s scary, it will take years and after laying all the excuses to rest, you will have a life others only dream of.

Your Turn!

  • What did you do today to achieve your dreams?
  • What excuse have you left behind?

Rolling Stones

The mirror surface of these odd looking rolling houses is kinda of an interesting concept, with the mirrored shell, it blends the house into the landscape somewhat, making the focus on nature.  I really like this, houses often can detract from natural settings, disrupt the rawness.

Sustainable to the core, rainwater collected on the roof is circulated into the structure for gray water reuse, the toilets compost and top-mounted solar panels and/or a wind turbine create electricity that, in turn, can be used to heat water and space inside of the airstream-esque mobile pod house.  At nearly 300 square feet, each individual unit has closet space, a bed, kitchenette, living area and a bathroom complete with toilet, sink and shower.  While best suited to just two people a single one of these portable homes could house up to six people as needed


Now Hiring!

It has been a really interesting time here at The Tiny Life.  With so many new people to our Tiny Community I find myself wanting to do more and more for you all.   I want to bring in other viewpoints, because a little variety would be welcomed, up until now I have done this with guest posts.   But today I am stepping up, I am putting my money where my mouth is, I am accepting applications.  I am looking to hire one writer to do a post once a week.

hiring copy

Contributor Wanted

First and foremost, I want someone who is excited about a chance to share their passion, who cares about the Tiny House Community, all of which shows in their writing.  Not only will you have a platform to share your thoughts with thousands, but you can get a modest pay for it!

This is a paid position that requires the individual to deliver original content on a weekly basis, one article a week on Monday.  This position can be done from any location, so long as you are available via phone and have a high speed internet connection.   Each article will be 500+ words, will be original content and must include photos (yours or source via internet).  Payment will be on a monthly basis.

  • Must have a passion for Tiny Houses
  • Solid grammar, spelling and writing skills
  • A reliable computer w/ internet
  • Available for a post a week
  • Must be timely with deadlines

Deadline: 5pm on 7 / 26 / 2010

How To Apply

We want to be WOWED with your unique voice and awesome commentary! Please submit posts written specifically for The Tiny Life.   Please be familiar with The Tiny Life and our general style and format of posts for submission.

Send me

  • Resume
  • Short Bio (include head shot – see note below)
  • Two 500  word articles in Word format
  • Photos for each post (do not place in Word)

Email me the indicated files at:      ryan112ryan [at] yahoo [dot] com

Potential Subjects

These are some suggested topics, I am very open to just about anything that is relevant to what we do here.  I want you to help our community grow through great writing and your unique perspective.

  • Tiny Houses
  • Environmental Topics
  • Gardening
  • Sustainable Design/Building
  • Floor plans/House design
  • DIY Projects
  • Wow us with your own idea!

General Note: I will be reviewing all applications, applying does not necessarily mean you will be hired.  My final selection will be only one person for the time being, the person will be expected to post once a week, on Monday.

A note about photo: A few folks inquiring why I request this.  The reason I ask for it is that my goal is to develop a relationship with readers, having a face to connect to the voice brings in a personal element.   Ultimately it is their writing, personality and voice that will be used to choose who will get the position.  The photo will be used in the “about us” section, in an introductory post, and in some cases inline like you see sometimes with columnist.

That said, if someone really doesn’t want a photo of them posted, then I certainly would understand and wouldn’t force it.