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Shipping Container Home For $1800

Found this neat video today and thought I’d share, they talk about the purchase, retrofit and use of shipping containers as a structure.  Check it out!

Bohemian Trailer

This is one funky trailer, while the outside seems like an old rail car, the inside is quite engaging.  With a small kitchen, bathroom and ample living space, this comes in at 215 square feet.


True Cost Of A Home

I found this infographic on the true cost of owning a traditional home and thought I would share it with you.

Click image for larger version


Japanese Earth Hut

This is a really gorgeous earthen brick hut, with great curves and aesthetics, this house stands out!  It has a lofted bed above the bathroom section, but the rest is found on the ground floor in a open and flowing space.  On one side is the kitchen, the other is the living space.  It is also an interesting twist because earth brick houses are typically seen in third world nations, while Japan has some of the most stringent building standards for earthquakes.  To marry this old world tradition, with a new process to develop incredibly strong bricks is really interesting.


Y House

Another great solar decathlon house, this time from the China team.  This house comes in at $248,000 for the whole house, including the solar panels etc.


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