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The Hobbit Hole

When you hear the word Hobbit, immediately you think small, but I didn’t think this small.  The Hobbit Hole is a “miniscule place of peace” and they aren’t kidding, this house is a whopping 4 feet tall.   You enter through a small door and make the curve in what looks like a burrow.  In addition he has made a bath hut and a sauna on the 2 acres that he leases for $100 a year!


Zen Cube Mobile Living Space

This is an interesting one, talk about minimalist!  This cube is 8 feet cubed and sits on wheels so that the owner can rotate the space in order to align with them moon.  The owner, Liu Ming, is well known for feng shui and hosts many classes in his loft.  The rolling house can be moved to the corner and out of the way to make space for people who come to learn.  The wood is simple plywood made from Ash.


This Old Boat

Today we have an interesting post of an old boat that has been reclaimed into a floating house.  This Old Boat is a project by John Kolsun and he has posted some photos at our Facebook Page.  To see more photos click the image, while you are on The Tiny Life’s Facebook page, help us out and “like” us if you haven’t already!  John states:

I know my project will have to be different from others. Up until this point I have not given any thought of recycling, reusing, reclaiming, and repurposing building materials to create my project. Cutting cost is a necessity, I’ll seek out and acquire building materials from current construction projects, soon-to-be demolished homes, and people’s “junk piles.” Yup, for the project to move forward I would have to scavenge old doors, windows, fixtures, etc.


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Shipping Container Home For $1800

Found this neat video today and thought I’d share, they talk about the purchase, retrofit and use of shipping containers as a structure.  Check it out!

Bohemian Trailer

This is one funky trailer, while the outside seems like an old rail car, the inside is quite engaging.  With a small kitchen, bathroom and ample living space, this comes in at 215 square feet.