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A Different Kind Of House Boat

So I found these today and at first I didn’t realize what they were and just thought “what an odd shape”, but then all a sudden it clicked!  These are hulls of boats that have been flipped over, then cut in half.  The fronts were made from the interior wood of the ship, very practical.  I really like the look of them and I am sure they are pretty water tight.

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House Boat

So found this gem the other night, struck a certain cord with me so I thought I’d share.  It shows their house boat a bit, but also the guys are not only really funny, but can play some killer bluegrass!

Some of you have seen this cabin on the water, but its really amazing.  They rent this shore for pretty cheap in BC Canada.  Its very beautiful county, I’d love to just spend a month with some books and my camera.  Here is the description from Trendir.com

Canada’s beautiful British Columbia is home to majestic mountains, endless forest and wonderful lakes – a nature-lovers paradise indeed. So the opportunity to incorporate sustainable housing into these surroundings has led to the awesome innovation of the floating house. Gently bobbing atop Powell Lake in Coastal B.C. is the Lutz’s own floating cabin, which they’ve happily made their retirement home. The wonderfully rustic cabin sits on a 40-by-40-ft. cedar float. The cozy 20-by-21-ft. water-top retreat boasts a main floor with two bedrooms, a kitchen, and dining and living areas. Upstairs, a spacious loft houses the master bedroom. In addition to the main float, a series of smaller floats accommodate a boat dock, a floating woodshed, and a floating vegetable garden. In order to help keep these surroundings beautiful, the home’s power comes via off-the-grid sources – solar and wind power, and propane for cooking, refrigeration and additional lights.

cabin far

cabin far

If you can float a house, why not float a garden!

If you can float a house, why not float a garden!

More photos, click link below to see it all!

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