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500 Posts!

So almost 2 years ago I stood in a Tumbleweed house in Philadelphia and was moved to start this blog.  It has been an interesting journey to here, the fact that I have found 500 things to day about Tiny Houses is kind of crazy!  Some days it has been very difficult to find relevant content that wasn’t being covered by my friends at other Tiny House blogs, but was new.  Now it is true I cover more than just Tiny Houses, but really cover living a Tiny Life (environmental conscious, sustainable, socially responsible and fiscally conservative topics), it still is a tall order.  Two things have surprised me about starting this blog: 1) how many people are excited about and come to read about Tiny Houses 2) what great readers I have!

This year we had the first ever Tiny House Conference which was a great success!  I have a uptick in people commenting on the blog and on the Facebook page.   We have also seen a steady growth in people coming to the site.  This means one thing, Tiny Houses are growing in popularity and more people are becoming aware of the issues that surround housing, economy and environmental issues.

So today my 500 post wish would be two fold:  if you aren’t already friend our fan page on Facebook go to it by clicking the icon below and clicking the “like” button.  Second would be let me know what you like and what you want to see in the future in the comments section.

If you don’t see the comment box all you have do is click the post title and scroll down, it will be there….let me know what you like and what you want to see in the future!

Finally as always feel free to email me through the contact us tab with questions and stories!  Thanks!


-Ryan Mitchell

How Many People Are There?

I found this interesting video about population which brings up an issue that I have covered before.  You can read my post that there was some controversy over here.  Before you watch the video, ask yourself, how many people live in this world?  After the video you can’t but wonder how we are going to meet this challenge and how it will effect you and your every day lives.

China’s Problem

So we have seen how we have countless neighborhoods that have been almost abandoned or stopped in mid construction.  In my post, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, it shows how California has been hit hard.  This pales in comparison to China’s empty houses.  Currently there are enough empty house in China to house roughly 2/3 the American Population.  That’s right, China currently has enough homes to house over 200 million people.

In a quest to “westernize” or “Americanize” investors dumped their wealth into constructing entire cities where there might only be a handful of people living in them.  They are so big, but so sparely populated, they don’t even have enough people to keep the city in working order.

Click the photo to see these ghost cities