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Subversive Garden

This is an amazing video on the state of food and where we need to go with it.

Backyard farmers by necessity: self-sufficient & debt-free

Today I found this video and it struck a cord with me an many different level.  First and foremost was the practicality of this couple’s approach.  What started out as a necessity meant they were able to live comfortably, without debt and prosper greatly.  From time to time I speak about fiscal security (which is in our mission for “Tiny Living”) and I also believe gardening allows you to have a stable, healthy food source that is sustainable.  So check out this video!

Sustainable Prisons Project

I found this interesting link about the sustainable initiatives that are happening in one prison.  It struck a cord with me because I have a friend who work at a local minimum security prison where he and the inmates grow food for a local non-profit.  The benefits are interesting because the inmates learn a marketable skill, the non profit gets the food and what is more, it doesn’t cost the jail anything, in fact now that they compost their food scraps they have reduced their costs because they don’t have to pay to dump 500 lbs of food waste a day!

Gardening Resources

Tonight Show: Gardening Resources 6pm Eastern