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What’s In Your Fridge

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There is some facination with what is in people’s fridges whenever you watch MTV “cribs” which I find entertaining and depressing all at the same time.  But here is a Photojournal of people’s fridge and some interesting facts about them.  I wish I could get to the point of the fridge of the midwife.

Check it out and post a link to a photo of your fridge and tell us a bit about yourself.

Story: here

Upload your photo and share the link in the comments: here

How Far Can You Get From A McDonald’s

I admit that sometimes a McDonald’s burger is good, but I eat only a handful of them a year, mainly because it is about as far from beef that a beef patty could be.  I usually like cooking my own or if I have to eat out fast food, 5 guys is pretty solid chocie.  I found this map of all the McDonald’s in the USA (continental) and discovered that the farthest from one of these you can be is 145 miles!  This is in South Dakota and its kind of alarming at the density that these places have.  Over 50 million eat fast food every single day…..  let me say that again:  Over 50 MILLION people every single day!  This figure is 2 years old, so I can only imagine that it has gone up.

With around 350 Million people in the USA, that is 1 person in 7 eat fast food every day.


My Food Is From Where!?

I always knew that my food didn’t just appear there, that it had to travel there. flying tomatoe I knew that certain things might have come from Mexico or Florida, but until I really got into it, I didn’t realize the scale of this.  The companies use little tricks like packaging the produce in America, even if it was grown in Brazil.  This allows them to say “made in America” they add a little fine print saying packaged = made and they are done.  I found this concept art over at Design Verb, it shows tomatoes with a luggage check tag on it and then a receipt showing the price and distance of the foods.

distance of food

While looking around at this I came across a movie that is in theaters now.  You will most likely only find it in your local independent theater though, but it looks great!  I have added it to my Netflix Queue and can’t wait to watch it.  So check it out!

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