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Announcing Tiny House Craftsman

tinyhousecraftsman-logo-darkFor years I have been asked by readers if I could build them a tiny house and for a long while I haven’t been able to help them… Until now.

Today we are officially launching Tiny House Craftsman, a new website that is designed to not only build tiny houses, but also provide in-depth professional support to DIY builders.  In addition to full design and build services of tiny houses, we have a support line where people can sign up to gain access to experienced professional builders to ask any question that comes up in their build.

We see this as a big step forward not just for us here at The Tiny Life, but for tiny houses as well.  It will allow people who build tiny homes get the support they need in a way they have never been able to do before.  It also means we can build great tiny houses for people.

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webuildit-90-3Design and Build

We have been working hard to train our team to be ready to build quality tiny houses for you.  I’ll be leading the build team and with me I have a 30 year veteran builder who has hands on experience building tiny homes.  For our design I work with an amazing designer and architect that has been designing small spaces for years.  The combination of my experience with tiny houses, hands on experience of pro builders and designers will make for quality tiny houses delivered to you.


youbuildit-90-3DIY Tiny Home Builder Support

A lot of people who want to live in a tiny house, want to build it themselves.  While we have a ton of free information on this website some people have been asking for a way to ask all their questions from knowledgeable people in a one on one setting.  We have two packages for you to choose from, 2 hours per month and 5 hours a month and when you join, you get our direct line for anything you need.  This is great for when you’re just starting out and have a million questions or when you mid build and have a quick question.  That’s what this is for in depth personalized one on one service.


materials-icons-90-3Building Materials

We are launching with four innovative products:

  • Bulk reclaimed 2×4 lumber delivered to your front door
  • Plug and play solar system design for tiny houses
  • Plug and play solar water filtration system
  • 120v to 12v transformer for you to use LED lights

Each of these things were things I had a really hard time finding when I did my build, so we are really excited to make it easy for you to get all in one spot.




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