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Early Bird Tickets End In One Week


I can’t believe how close we are getting to the conference, this is something that we have been working on for so long and in a few short months we’ll be gathering in Charlotte.

Last week for our Early Bird Tickets – sign up before October 1st and save $50!

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For those of you who haven’t heard about the conference we are gathering in Charlotte for what will be the biggest gathering of tiny house folks and tiny houses to date.  So far we have 6 tiny houses going to be at the event with more to come, we have 12 speakers and a lot of exciting talks and hands on sessions.





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Tiny House Conference – April 2014

Over two years ago I had a mini tiny house conference and had a blast.  I got to meet some great people and we had people coming from the entire East Coast.  It was so much fun I wanted to do it again.  Since then I have always wanted to do a bigger conference, but the trick was always trying to find a location that would suit an event such as this and be affordable to keep ticket costs low.  Well I found the perfect place and we are set to have the first ever Tiny House Conference.

conference-logoThe big thing I wanted to achieve was to have a lot of tiny houses at the event, so you all could tour a wide variety of tiny houses.  So right now we have 7 tiny houses that will be there for you to tour in person.  We also have 12 amazing tiny house speakers most of whom have built or live in a tiny house.

We see this as just the start, with 8 months to go we are going to be adding more and more tiny houses and speakers, so it should be a great time.

Now I haven’t even told anyone about the website, yet we have already had hundreds of people find it and even purchased tickets.

We do have a limited number of tickets and if you buy them before October 1st, you can save $50!

Check out all the details at


Tiny House Conference Recap

We had an interesting start, Saturday’s events were pushed to Sunday as tornadoes touched down in North Carolina, we lost a few folks because of it, but still had a decent turn out.  My day started out at 7am – I am not a morning person – and it off to wrangle some chickens.  They certainly weren’t happy with me for most of the morning, but we got our tent setup for the day.

The day started off slow, but as people got out of church – this is the Bible belt after all – things really picked up.  I gave three talks through out the day on Tiny Houses to around 50 people interested in Tiny Houses.  I also had boat loads of people coming up to me and saying “you’re that Tiny House guy aren’t you”.  The coverage by Mother Earth, Tiny House Blog and Treehugger resonated loudly with the people of Charlotte and surrounding.  So most of the day I was juggling talking about urban chickens, tiny houses, and tours for the off the grid container home.

I will be posting a bunch of photos later this week, early next, but here are a few general ones for now. Below is some cars from the green car show, a container structure and general shots.


More Classes At The Tiny House Conference

Check out some of the other classes that are being offered!

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Tiny House Conference Update

So as we near closer to the Tiny House Conference I wanted to give you all some more details.  The Conference is being held in Charlotte, NC and will partially piggyback on the Charlotte Clean and Green Festival that I have been able to strike a partnership with.  For the bulk of the day you will independently check out the 100+ booths, take a tour of the off the grid container home, attend the classes, I will be giving 3 talks (most the same material) about Tiny Houses, what they are, why we do them and how it meets our needs for the future.  during the formal event I will be busy give the talks and be at the urban chicken booth, so stop by and say hi!

After the formal event, we will go to a community garden and talk a bit about community engagement and local food.  Following that we will go grab dinner and we can get into some nitty gritty stuff on Tiny Houses.  This portion will be pretty informal, you can ask lots of questions, we can all chat about Tiny Houses and if you have a topic you want more info on, you can bring it up.

Classes are officially announced, you can find the list here

Here is the updated Schedule

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