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Tiny House Checklist

Today I have added a new menu item to the main bar, it is called “Ryan’s Tiny House”.  I am going to be covering my Tiny House build in two places:  here on the blog as regular old posts, then also will be cataloging it in the mentioned tab.   This tab will outline the details of the house build in a step by step manner and will be designed for those who wish to build their own Tiny House.

The other thing I have added to this menu is (if you hover over the link, a drop down appears) is my Tiny House Checklist.  This is my master plan – if you will- to allow me to keep everything straight in my head and in the building process. After checking it out, let me know if I have missed anything or should change anything.

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  • What am I missing on this checklist?
  • Is there anything I should change?