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Announcing Tiny House Craftsman

tinyhousecraftsman-logo-darkFor years I have been asked by readers if I could build them a tiny house and for a long while I haven’t been able to help them… Until now.

Today we are officially launching Tiny House Craftsman, a new website that is designed to not only build tiny houses, but also provide in-depth professional support to DIY builders.  In addition to full design and build services of tiny houses, we have a support line where people can sign up to gain access to experienced professional builders to ask any question that comes up in their build.

We see this as a big step forward not just for us here at The Tiny Life, but for tiny houses as well.  It will allow people who build tiny homes get the support they need in a way they have never been able to do before.  It also means we can build great tiny houses for people.

Visit Us At


webuildit-90-3Design and Build

We have been working hard to train our team to be ready to build quality tiny houses for you.  I’ll be leading the build team and with me I have a 30 year veteran builder who has hands on experience building tiny homes.  For our design I work with an amazing designer and architect that has been designing small spaces for years.  The combination of my experience with tiny houses, hands on experience of pro builders and designers will make for quality tiny houses delivered to you.


youbuildit-90-3DIY Tiny Home Builder Support

A lot of people who want to live in a tiny house, want to build it themselves.  While we have a ton of free information on this website some people have been asking for a way to ask all their questions from knowledgeable people in a one on one setting.  We have two packages for you to choose from, 2 hours per month and 5 hours a month and when you join, you get our direct line for anything you need.  This is great for when you’re just starting out and have a million questions or when you mid build and have a quick question.  That’s what this is for in depth personalized one on one service.


materials-icons-90-3Building Materials

We are launching with four innovative products:

  • Bulk reclaimed 2×4 lumber delivered to your front door
  • Plug and play solar system design for tiny houses
  • Plug and play solar water filtration system
  • 120v to 12v transformer for you to use LED lights

Each of these things were things I had a really hard time finding when I did my build, so we are really excited to make it easy for you to get all in one spot.




Visit Us At



A Tool Not In Your Tool Box

So I have been trying to make a final push on my tiny house, but I’ve had some delays with a window.  One of the things that I realized the other day was that there was a really important “tool” at my disposal that I’d never really thought of and frankly, at first didn’t realize I was even using.  It isn’t a traditional tool, but I’ve found it has been invaluable during this process.  The best part is that you have several of these in your possession already.

So what is this tool?  It’s a chair for thinking.

3132_Casual Adirondack Chair There are times in your build that you find something that stumps you, there are times where you have discovered a mistake, or there are times when things aren’t going your way.  Enter a chair to sit in and consider the problem.  It seriously have been invaluable, sitting in that chair, staring at the problem with your plans in your lap, you work it out in your mind.

A perfect example of this was when I went to put in my collar tie beams for the loft.  I cut them to the correct length, put it up on the top plate and notice there was some wiggle room.  At first I freaked out and thought I had cut the beam short, but after remeasuring I realized it wasn’t them.  What had happened was over the span of the wall, the center had bowed out slightly with the weight of sheathing.  The left side was bowed out 1/8th of an inch and the right side was out a 1/4th of an inch at the top; the bottoms were spot on.

Now at this point I had to figure out how pull the top of the walls inward the correct amount.  This is much easier said then done, because these walls now are secured firmly and are very strong.  I also had to pull one wall in more than the other.


So I sat down and thought about the problem, several ideas came to mind, but after a while an elegant solution emerged.  I didn’t want to put holes in my floor and I noticed one important thing.  I had to bring one wall in twice as much as the other.  So I went to the store and bought a huge eye hook and fastened it halfway up the wall into a stud in the center of the bow.  From there I connected my trailer ratchet strap to the eye hook, and then to the top of the other wall.

What this did was allow me to pull the wall together, but since I fastened one side half way up the wall (the side I need 1/8th), it gave me a mechanical ratio of 1:2.  Meaning I pull in one wall an eighth of an inch, I pull the other wall in a quarter of an inch, which is exactly what I needed!  From there I dropped in my collar tie and fastened it through the outside of the wall to hold it in place.  After securing all the ties, I released the straps and the wall stayed perfect.

There are times you will get frustrated, upset, maybe even mad, but I have found the chair to be an important thing to use to clear my mind and get to a solution.  It has saved money, time and frustration; ultimately building a better house.  So consider a chair as a valuable tool that you already have.


Tiny House Building Guide

So a while ago I introduced the “Ryan’s Tiny House” section which outlines the process of me building my tiny house, since there there hasn’t been much activity on that page except for my Tiny House Checklist.  Well I had some time to get a bunch of website work done and was able to start the Building Guide section.  You can access it by clicking “Ryan’s Tiny House” link in the menu or click here.

The guide is a chronological order of my building process that includes all the posts I have done to date on my house.  Each section has a “read more” button to get into the details.  Hope you all enjoy!

building section

Framing My Tiny House

Framing is a really exciting time in your building process.  When you tip that wall up for the first time the change is dramatic, the next wall goes up, then the rest and before you know it your home has a form.  It’s an inspiring time in building your home, so here are some of the details on how to frame.  In these two videos I show the process of me framing the rear wall of my Tiny House.  You can see the whole process and the concepts your see here can be applied to the rest of the walls.

The one difference you will see in these videos from traditional house framing is that all of my cross pieces (fire blocks) are all in line, which usually are staggered.  The reason for this is I later went through and wrapped the whole house with structural grade hurricane strapping.

Part 1:

Part two:




RTM_7593 photo 1

RTM_7622 small

photo 4

photo 25

photo 32133

Insulating The Floors – Part 1

So in my last update I showed how I framed the floor (here) of my Tiny House and the next step was to insulate the floor cavity.  When you frame the tiny house, most people frame it so that it hangs off the edge of the Tiny House on most of the sides.  This creates a gap between the framing and the actual trailer.  So we use expanding spray foam to close it up air tight.  This foam creates a water and vapor barrier.

One major tip I can give you if you are using this stuff, wear latex/nitrile gloves that you can throw away.  If this stuff gets on your skin it literally will not come off, even with paint thinner, goo gone, pumice soap, or any other trick you have in your book.  You basically have to wait for your skin to wear off.  trust me, I know!

First off, this is what I started with, the floor framed, beneath that you can see the white vapor barrier and that is covering the metal flashing.   Then I sprayed the expanding foam into all the cracks to seal it up.  From there I will be putting in the foam board, which I will show in my next update post.






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