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Sri Lanka Lakeside Retreat

This house is obviously suited for more warmer climates, but I really like the styling of it.  The top deck is huge and with open sides to allow a cross breeze.  The house overlooks a lake in the Maduru Oya area of Sri Lanka.  The house is made form a shipping container and most of the wood has been reclaimed from weapons boxes!  The total size is 700 square feet, but that included the top deck, so the enclosed house is around 3-400 square feet.


  1. Hey! that is cute and would work well here in Hawai’i…humm

  2. Minimalistic but beautiful. It really puts me in mind of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs. Very cool that it’s made from recycled items. I’m imagining living there!

  3. I love it and I would live in it for sure!!

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