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Space Saving Washing Machine

I have always wondered how I was going to tackle washing clothes in a Tiny House, I loath laundry mats and my time is much better spent elsewhere then pack up, driving down, paying a chunk of change all to do it.  Well I think I have found an interesting option that I think has a bit more promise than those egg looking counter top washers.  Here is a concept that seems to fit the bill just right.  It is designed to be a top loading washer, to need no power, no water hook ups, it is the size of a hamper, and can be stored just about anywhere.  With the power of your foot, you press the peddle and through a gear box, you gain some mechanical advantage.





  1. This looks cool, but another easy method is to do what I do: use an aLoksak bag to handwash your clothes. I did that for 4 months in Australia/New Zealand and for the past 6 weeks in India. It rocks and the bag takes up almost no space.

  2. Is this an actual product, or a prototype? I don’t see a link or product name.

  3. it looks like a fancier version that the girl in India won all the science and innovation prizes for. I’ll have to look for the youtube video.

    • sounds interesting! yes please post the video link!

  4. I hope the moving parts are metal.
    Look at modern spinning wheels for better ways to pedal without ankle/foot fatigue.

    There is also this Rapid Washer (http://tinyurl.com/y8g5m7o) which is less elegant and more hands on, but also less prone to breaking.

  5. A very cool idea, and much nicer than some of the other hand crank style small machines. I would like to see one that can be put on it’s side to use less water, as well as beefier gears. Those plastic things look like they won’t last two washings.

  6. That’s pretty neat! I am going to reach out to them and see what I can learn.

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