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Skinny House

So frankly, I don’t find this house particularly appealing, but in the interest of covering the topic in full here it goes.   This tiny house is a rather unique approach to housing.  With a focus on outdoor living it comes full equipped with all the essentials, a semi-outdoor living space, a grill, garden tools etc.  One really neat thing I do like is the moon roof on this house over the sleeping area.  While I think it is cool, flat roofs are notorious for leaking and keeping this clean might be less than practical.

I do really appreciate the focus on outdoor gardening, with purpose built niches for tools, watering can, wheel barrel etc.  Its dining area I think would be really fun to have a great sit down dinner with friends on a nice summer night.  All in all it is a very well appointed house that has some serious potential and has been laid out well.


  1. This is really unique! Where did you find information on this? I’d love to see more pictures…

    • If you look at the bottom of the post, I almost always put a link, usually in the form of the word “Via” for attribution.

  2. It’s beautiful like a piece of art but probably not practical for most. Could still make for an awesome backyard getaway or something like that. The outdoor garden is cool too–I guess it is perfect for garden shed + backyard getaway lol.

  3. Not a house… a work of art for outdoor living. A place to have a BBQ with friends and family. All it needs is a nice stone patio and extra table and seating when the “indoor” seating isn’t enough. Nice.

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