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Ryan’s Favorite Tiny Houses

Here is my top 5 Tiny Houses that I have blogged about, what have been some of your favorite?

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  1. You really like modern houses 😀

  2. #1 is the one I like most of these 5.

  3. I guess what I don’t like about these houses is they seem to go against what the general thrust of what tiny houses mean. While they don’t have to be ramshackle (I tend not to like Deek Diedricksen’s creations for just that reason), the use of overly modern and machined materials means they’ve used a lot of other resources to create them.

    The tiny houses I prefer are though that use traditional methods and materials, but have an “outside the box” thinking on the way the space is put together. Double shed roofs, for instance, to create headspace directly over a staircase to the loft. Unique storage solutions or multiple uses for a single space, appliance, or piece of furniture.

    I recently saw a video about a tiny house with moveable walls. Depending upon how the walls were position determined the use of the space. A really unique setup, even if I don’t think I could live in it myself.

    But what I think about what a tiny house should be, and what others do, doesn’t mean either one is right, and that in the end is what makes a market.


    • Rich, I agree completely. I come from a a straw bale building background and believe in sustainability, using Life Cycle Assessment as a guide line, so all these tiny homes using all new factory manufactures materials seems very inappropriate. I’ve seen very few incorporating passive solar or well insulated.
      I will soon be posting some ideas that address some of these issues.
      Thanks for your post.

    • I totally agree with you. Tiny Houses were originally ‘created’ as a way to simplify one’s life, to downsize into something that is “enough”, as well as something that will reduce our carbon footprints. These luxurious “Tiny Houses” are the antithesis of what the original ‘vision’ was. These houses probably cost over $150,000-$200,000, which is obscene when we’re talking about ‘simplifying’ our lives.

    • I like how you think, Rick. I haven’t done anything to start my house yet, but when I do, I will be following most of your principles.

    • I pretty much agree also although I do like a little more modern look I have seen on Tiny Luxury. I dont need my house to be luxury but I dont want it to look like a shack either. Rustic can be cool if for a vacation or something short term, I wouldn’t want to live in it 24/7.
      Technically there is nothing I like about Deek Diedricksen’s and its not just the houses but he doesn’t appeal to me at all as a host or video blog. It comes across as a rush job poorly done although I do acknowledge you got out and took a chance.

      I haven’t begun my house yet but I am getting it all together as much as I can before I begin.

  4. Whatever floats your boat. I really like the rain barrels on the boat house.

  5. Love these examples… I haven’t seen them before (except MAYBE one of them)and love them… they make me want to ask what the definition of a tiny house is. I have heard/read it’s under 400 square feet. From the photos, I think that means they only count the actual inside living space… is this right?

    I think tiny house concepts can work for homeless and small low-income families, but am trying to figure out the land issues… have you heard of any already in progress, like co-ops, apartments, or other kinds of living with ownership foundations?

  6. OMG I would live in any of them… Great job! Love, love love love them.

  7. I love the houses, but I can’t see spending half a million bucks for such a small space. I’m hoping to spend less than $20K for mine.

  8. i agree with you foolish cop(, except i googled and couldn’t find those double shed roves with extra space)
    i saw some short stay apartments in holland that had stairs in the living room, about 5? that led to sleeping quarters, which were slatted or blinded for privacy, but not cut off. there was a desk in the hall, which could have the table pushed under. on “george clark’s amazing spaces”, i saw a bed that went under a deck outside (meaning you could do yoga or what have you and it didn’t create any issues anywhere else. as i am not a fan of things that seem cool, but mean you can’t use the space. i.e. a bedroom over a toilet, means no one can use the toilet) in one home, a wall of cabinets that was a kitchen in another? and in a van, a kitchen sink, and stove under wooden bench tops which became a counter, or sleeping space.
    erc you are so right! i have seen 500k on one of them (think the land was 200), and i think, if this passes, what have they to sell? who is going to pay 300k for a shed with features? why not get salvaged materials and make something cute and interesting, or really beautiful. “the house that 100k built” features people doing straw bale and using aircraft parts, salvaged metal as paneling.300k for 1/2 rooms is cray cray. and not even efficient in terms of eco.

  9. Yeah, #1 I agree, that’s wonderful. And #4 too.
    But I notice, Ryan’s top tiny houses are all non-trailer mounted, with fundament. I guess he’s into style, and although I am too, admittedly on a trailer getting style is much more limited because of the “odd” dimensions!

  10. As the Tiny House Movement grows, everyone will have to decide for themselves how inclusive they will choose to be. I hope that we will continue to be respectful of people regardless of whether or not we think their house is tiny or their motives match ours. Ryan, your list of favorites started a good conversation!

  11. These look like super pricey luxury homes that just happen to be smaller than usual :/

  12. I always love to see wild ideas, but like many of your letters indicate, my personal Tiny House is very simple and cost less than 10k. It incorporates super insulation, passive solar design, water catchment and filtration, a composting toilet and solar electric. As such it is totally off-grid if necessary. I’d love to share my ideas if anyone is interested.

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