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RoTenSion Table

Inspired by onion rings, the table can be expanded from half moon shape to full circle; Playing  a multipurpose furniture role.  This design is from Isariya Boon, what I really like about this table is that for most of the time it can serve as a half table, up against a wall.  It would be perfect to place your keys, phone etc right inside the door of a Tiny House, but you could pull it out for a full table for dinner with friends.


  1. There’s no question the design is incredible, but form a purely utilitarian standpoint, it seems like you could get the same basic idea from a piano hinge for the top (circle cut in half) and still have the one leg that folds out. Not as flashy or cool but would work ont he same idea of multifunctional table. I had a half table like this by my door in my last house and I agree that it would be great if a piece like that did double duty!

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