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Rolling Stones

The mirror surface of these odd looking rolling houses is kinda of an interesting concept, with the mirrored shell, it blends the house into the landscape somewhat, making the focus on nature.  I really like this, houses often can detract from natural settings, disrupt the rawness.

Sustainable to the core, rainwater collected on the roof is circulated into the structure for gray water reuse, the toilets compost and top-mounted solar panels and/or a wind turbine create electricity that, in turn, can be used to heat water and space inside of the airstream-esque mobile pod house.  At nearly 300 square feet, each individual unit has closet space, a bed, kitchenette, living area and a bathroom complete with toilet, sink and shower.  While best suited to just two people a single one of these portable homes could house up to six people as needed


  1. Cute, but I kinda expect little green men to come out and ask to be taken to my leader =)

  2. Well, I don’t see a way to hitch it to your truck to be towed down the road…and I ALSO see that it is somewhat LARGER than 8 feet across anyway.

    How can this possibly be considered “mobile”??

    • 8 feet is usually the largest size you can transport without special permits or flag trucks

  3. I want one. I will name it Brian Jones.

    I like the layout.

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