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Oakland Tiny House

I have been mulling over a lot of Tiny House design ideas as of late and I keep finding myself being drawn to shed roof styles.  It is something about the look of it and the ironic thing, its about the simplest to build.  Today I found a neat tiny house over at Tiny House Listings that is on a trailer (hard to see) but has a shed roof style.

Owner/artist designed and built tiny house in Oakland CA. 120 sq. feet with sleeping loft and all custom built in furniture. Salvaged hardwood maple floor (from an old roller skating rink) and salvaged redwood ship lapped siding. Fully insulated with 120v electrical, on demand hot water heater, outdoor shower, Dickinson propane heater, two burner gas range and hard maple countertops. Every component is hand made with premium hardwoods. I’ve been living in it for a year and have loved every minute of it.





  1. Love it!… and I’m curious about the tiny “porch swing”. 🙂

  2. This place is for sale. I might actually be visiting it to shoot a few videos very soon…. great lil’ place though, and a very creative guy!

  3. It is ADORABLE – do you have anymore photos you could send? thinking of building something like this. c

  4. i like the steps

  5. Does this cutie come with the house!

  6. I must say I agree with your Ryan on roof shapes – the simpler the better – I look at those complex roof shapes with a peaked roof with the wall height raised in parts to install dormer windows to make extra space in the loft – why not just take the entire sides of the house up to dormer height and then the roof build would be so much simpler.

  7. Where’s the toilet???

  8. Composting toilet? Just an idea!

  9. Ryan anymore land that way, I live by the ocean and feel that its time to move! ?

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