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Moving And Decluttering

In the next few weeks I will be moving to another place where I can live rent free and save my money towards my Tiny House.  While I hate moving, it does present a great opportunity to getting rid of stuff.  As you pack your boxes you have a chance to consider each item, your every decision weighs on you literally as you picture yourself having to sluff each item to the next place you’ll call home.  I find moving to be a great time for getting rid of stuff, to reflect on sentimental items, remember good times.

I find it puts a lot of what is truly important in your life into perspective.  How will this move impact my friendships?  How often will I see family?  What new opportunities will it bring?  It strikes me in these moments that I have these type of thoughts and paired with the fact that most possessions almost seem burdensome.  It brings a lot of focus to things.

Perhaps I will do a post on what all of my things look like, what I was able to weed out, and if I feel very ambitious, count each item to see how many I have.  We shall see!

  1. good luck to you! i went from 3000 to 1000 to 500 square feet currently, and it is indeed a chore to “dispose” of STUFF 🙂 but, it’s liberating too. my next move will be to 200 sf or less, but i’m ready for that.

  2. in the past 8 years i’ve downsized by half, and currently am living in (making use of) 1/3 of that space. i realize i want to downsize yet again in the near future. your comment about “how will this move impact my friendships?” is spot-on. i already know i want less, and now i am beginning to contemplate how that decision will impact other arenas in my life.

    am loving this website.


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