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Mother Earth News Features The Tiny Life

A week ago I was contacted by the people at Mother Earth News for an interview about Tiny Houses, check out the article!

The full article is here

The full article is here




  1. Congratulations Ryan!

    Any time you can get a mention in a publication like MEN is an honor and with all the work you put into this site you deserve it! Keep it up, for those of us just starting to plan and design tiny homes of our own, this is an amazing resource, thanks.

  2. I feel my heart start beating faster when people talk of living in a small home. But often, here in Norway, many consider 900 sq ft to be small… I think my studio is big, and it is 210 sq ft.

    Hope you get the cash for your new small home 🙂

  3. I read the article on the Mother Earth News website and then found your site. This is definitely encouraging and amazing to see happening. I can relate on being that different person trying to follow what you know is best in a society where people just simply don’t understand or care. I especially like your comment on social pressures making the dedication difficult with friends and family, especially dating! Well I get it.

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