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Lucy’s Love Shack

So why this is called the love shack, I don’t know, but at 371 square feet this renter makes the most of it.  Here is what she says:

This is an exceptionally small apartment – only 371sf! Sized more appropriately for our dog, Lucy, than two adults. There were NO closets provided by the landlord, so we designed and built a unique storage wall that extends from the sleeping area back to the kitchen.  .Each section is sized to hold exactly what we own. The living area is small, yet feels spacious thanks to the modular shelving system which features an entertainment area, bookshelves, and small desk area. All of the furniture is lightweight and easy to take with us to the next (hopefully larger) apartment.


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  1. It sucks that they have to go through the bedroom to walk between the kitchen and bathroom, but I love what they did to the place.

  2. Great use of space. Love the closet.

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