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Log Cabin 2.0

windows closed

I heard about this little log cabin, which I must admit, at first didn’t excite me too much.  Then I saw it.  A true “log” cabin.  The space is designed to be a work studio away form it all, but it could very easily be converted to a full on house.  Its bench easy could accommodate someone looking to take a nap and the outside blends with the woods around it.  The neatest feature of it is the unique style of support that the shelves use, You simply remove the piece of wood and place it where you want it to go,  this is a very nice custom detail.

side view

ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 28 21.09

ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 28 21.09

ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 28 21.09


  1. I love the shelves, what a great idea! Do you have any details on the construction of the cabin? How are the “logs” attached to the base structure?

  2. Love it! Hilarious- in a cord-wood-cabin meet modern-times, way. And if oil prices ever get too insane, or you run out of wood, you could always burn your own home for heat! Great find Ryan! Love the previous post and photos too.

    • It’s not if oil prices get too insane, its WHEN. Only a matter of time.

      • correct you are my friend….

        That’s the reason I installed a woodstove in my place the other year…I was sick of takin’ it in the you know where from oil companies. I have a passive solar set-up in my home as well…on which I plan to expand this summer. Solar shower in the yard, etc

  3. I’m a big fan of log cabins and this is a neat take with a modern twist. The look on the outside reminds me of cordwood construction but also looks very much like a stack of wood.

    • It is from Germany, so of course we can expect them to take something iconic as a cabin in the woods and modernize it. Lucky for me I love the German design aesthetic, but it isn’t for most.

  4. How will they deal with moisture problems? Esp considering the lack of roof.

    Already some log ends are showing decay.

    • I do not know what they did to address this.

      If I were to tackle that issue, I would seal the ends of the logs with a urethane. For the roof, I would make a dormer style roof with that rubberized sheeting on top. Then cut into the logs to create caps for the roof.

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