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Lofty Approach

We have been gradually shifting from a production based economy to a service based one here in the United States.  Regardless of how you feel about this trend, it does have several impacts on us; One being that we are left with these large buildings that aren’t being used.  To meet this issue we have been retro fitting these buildings into loft apartments.  This achieves many things, first it converts what is not being utilized to valuable housing and communities.  The other upside to this is that you are up-cycling to help conserve resources.

This loft apartment is pretty neat apartment with a bed loft and a thick wall for additional storage/support.


  1. That’s a cool find, Ryan. I love seeing how people make use of spaces using lofts. It’s also a great way to convert a living room into another bedroom. People seem to do this in places like New York City to share really small apartments.

  2. I really like the way the bed/bedroom is positioned in this place. I love a good form and function blend.

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