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Leviathan Table

I have always been interested in table ideas that I can pull out for a dinner party, but have tucked away when it is just me.  I usually will eat my meals watching a TV show (the only time I watch TV) if I’m alone, go out with friends, or go to my families house for dinner.  I like having people over for meals, but in the end it may happen one-two times a month.  Though that is the life of a bachelor I guess.

so this table breaks down to a smaller size.  While its a coffee table I like the concept and it could be done on a larger scale.







  1. It’s clever but if you had four people over for supper, how’d you handle the rod bumps across the top?

  2. Although not strictly small, this remains one of my favorate table designs!


    • To reach that far in my pocket Grant I would be scratching more than my ankles. Damn that’s a heavy price tag. Or am I missing something there, now and again I will follow a link and its not what the commentator was talking about.

  3. If you were to build one, by using thicker wood and carving grooves, the rods could be set into the grooves and leave the top flat. 🙂

    • good idea Parker but I think there might be a problem with strength integrity if you did you would probably have to double the plywood at the ends which is an option other than that would raise the table a bit.

      • I agree strength could be compromised unless the wood was quite thick, which results in a much heavier and harder to move table.

  4. We have two of those ugly “banquet” tables with folding legs for big gatherings. Cheap and sturdy, easy to store. Some of them even have the table top fold up in the middle to make a smaller thing to tuck away. Once you dress it up with a tablecloth it’s fine. You can even buy just the folding legs and use something spiffier for the top. I also like those tables with a drop leaf on each side that store four folding chairs in the middle like this one http://www.cymax.com/common/product/product.aspx?id=16758&qid=mod3a_i04-081205-04:03:04-98&cjpub=7097578&src=cj

  5. I have to go along with the problem of those two bars on the top of the table. you’re still better off with plywood and saw horses. On its own merits , it is a neet design.

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