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Les Cabanes de Marie

This charming treehouse is actually a hotel room, for 300 pounds you can stay here, price includes dinner, breakfast and a few other things.  I wasn’t able to get many details other than it is 13 feet off the ground and is comprised of a deck, bedroom and bathroom.


  1. Would be a cool place to stay for sure. I love Treehouses, and not trying to be too critical here, but proportionally it looks very large sitting in the tree. Like a normal house they put up in the tree. I would like to see more innovation in treehouse design (which some have done… mostly in concept, not reality)…. thinking about design and creating defined space in the tree, not designing a house and putting it in a tree. Very cliche… but form should follow function IMHO.
    Thanks for sharing…. I am new to your site but enjoy these topics.

  2. Considering the house is built on a stilt-like foundation I don’t think it can quite be called a tree house. It’s just a house built up nearer a tree top.

  3. Houses like this make my heart ache a little. It’s just so pretty.

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