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Laundry In Small Spaces

I have recently been trying to wrap my head around how to incorporate the ability to do laundry in a small space.  I have struggled with this because laundry is something I do only every few weeks, so it begs the question, is it worth the space in a tiny house or should one just “outsource” it as some call it, to a laundry service.  If I were to have it in my tiny house the bathroom is a logical space because it is a space that you use for only a small part of the day.  The same is true for a laundry room so it makes sense to combined them and make the room more useful.   So today I wanted to show you all this video from Ikea and how they approach this problem.

  1. Neat! I like it. Thanks.

  2. Love it! I can relate to smnall spaces. Keep sending me ideas, Thank you.

  3. Did I miss where the actual dryer is? Or is the ‘drying rack’ the dryer?

    • The washer and dryer is the same machine, they have machines that do both. They are more common in Europe and Asia, but you can get them pretty easily here with a special order. Lowes/Homedepot carries them with special order.

  4. Washing clothes is fairly easy without a fancy washer, it’s wringing them out that wrings you out. I have an old hand wringer that I set up between a double laundry sink outside and it works well but I’m seriously considering one of the small spin dryers like this one http://www.laundry-alternative.com/products/Spin_Dryer.html There are a lot of mini twin tub washers available in Europe and Asia but for some reason North Americans haven’t twigged to these yet. My solar dryer (AKA clothesline) works well in good weather, a retractable line or folding rack work well indoors.

  5. I’m really liking the sink! I’m trying to fit a bathroom into a plan we’re going to build on a 28’x8′ trailer. We’re wanting a “living room”, kitchenette, bathroom, small bunkroom (we have one child so far), and a “Master Loft” (ha ha). This sink is wonderful!

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