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Kittie’s Tiny Triumph

This Couch Folds Out To A Bed

This Couch Folds Out To A Bed

Kittie and her husband started out with a minimal renovation. They pulled out the original murphy bed and the original pullman kitchen in order to create a small office nook and a modern kitchen counter, bar and sink area, respectively.

Kittie spends one week a month with her husband in Texas and her husband spends one week a month with Kittie in Tudor City. Before the full-scale renovation, Kittie recalls that she and her husband would “draw straws to see who would pull down the bits of ceiling that had peeled off that day.”

View When Walking In The Door

Kittie enjoyed the challenge of making small seem big so much that she decided to offer her services to all of Tudor City. In the past six months, she has fully renovated her bathroom and closet, and added a dining bar and cooking island, and has done the same for many of her neighbors.

As an up and coming interior designer of small spaces, Kittie’s alacrity for organization is as important as her sense of style. Here, she has managed to carve out space for a fully functioning kitchen, bedroom, and office space to run her business, as well as storage space for both her and her husband’s clothing, shoes, hats, cleaning supplies, bedding and pet accouterments!

Style: Serene, simple (and organized!)

Inspiration: My inspiration is this quote from William Morris in 1882: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or consider to be beautiful”.

Biggest Challenge: Creating a gracious home with everything I need, including running my interior design business, in a 10′ x 17′ space.

What Friends Say: “I can’t believe how spacious it feels” and “I love the wall color”

Biggest Embarrassment: Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that the upholstery on my armchair is still held together by pins at the back. Sigh.

Proudest DIY: Proudest D-I-Me-and-a-cabinetmaker — my “Stealth Desk” — a complete office hidden out of sight. Proudest DIY: the lampshades I made out of real burl maple veneer for less than $10 each.

Biggest Indulgence: My porcelain tea set, and fresh flowers every week.

Best Advice: Take the William Morris quote above to heart, and donate everything in your home that doesn’t meet those 2 criteria. You will be amazed at how graciously you can live in a tiny space!


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  1. I saw Kittie’s apartment on AT a while back and adore it. The lady has style.

  2. wow, some great design solutions in there. i want to see more inside that closet! beautiful.

  3. I love the William Morris quote…definitely a good one to live by (which I do, but never heard that quote before 🙂

    I also like the way this tiny living space demonstrates what I believe are the three cornerstones of a happy home – clean, bright, and warm!

  4. But not much room for real cooking.

    Something has to be sacrificed, in such a small place.

    • Certainly not, I have noticed a trend with several New Yorkers, that they eat out a lot. I don’t fault them or blame them, they have amazing restaurants! This is obviously not the case for everyone, but it might explain why such little focus on cooking

  5. Where is that couch from? IKEA?

    • Sofa bed: IKEA Karlanda in chamois leather, with The Simmons Air Comfort Mattress from Jennifer Leather. This is The Sofa Bed Mattress of Joy! It has a spring mattress with a little pump to make it firm and comfy in less than 2 minutes.

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